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Death Metal Epic (Book Three: Sinister Synthesizer) by Dean Swinford


Death Metal Epic (Book Three: Sinister Synthesizer)
Dean Swinford

266 pages
ISBN: 978-1957504018

“Extremely extreme.”—Decibel

Desekration attained elite status when they released Infernö, a genre-defining meditation on the black death that ends with fifteen minutes of keyboards.

Hard-working guitarist David Fosberg helped make the album into a masterwork for the ages. With speed and skill, he played all the best riffs he could steal.

But it didn’t matter.

Desekration ditched him. Replaced David with someone less normal … and more evil.

Now alone in Belgium, his ultralimited money slipping away one Trappist ale at a time, David faces a cold and friendless winter.

Stuck in a bandless limbo, David can’t shake the feeling—something more than a feeling—that he should stop listening to metal. And move on with his life.


“Handled with a pleasing mixture of sardonic humour and deep-seated reverence . . . it’s clear that Swinford is onto something special here.”


“An epic hero’s journey directly inspired by the music, imagery, and unity of death metal . . . Any metalhead out there who thinks they’re alone or an outcast should pick up this book.”

Indy Metal Vault


Book Riot

“A fun tale, engaging, interesting and Metal to the core!”


“The character development is amazing . . . go read it now.”

—CLASH Media

“A worthy sequel . . . engaging and charming.”

—CCLaP: Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

“I highly recommend the series. Where else are you going to read death metal fiction?”

Kingdom of Noise

“Vlot geschreven/Fluently written.”

Lords of Metal

Death Metal Epic (Book Two: Goat Song Sacrifice) by Dean Swinford



Death Metal Epic (Book Two: Goat Song Sacrifce)
Dean Swinford
228 pages
ISBN: 978-1941918166

Black metal juggernaut Desekration stand poised to record their forthcoming masterwork … once David and Svart get a few more dudes to join the band.


Book Two of The Death Metal Epic finds David Fosberg living his rock and roll fantasy. Which means drinking every day and sleeping on Svart’s couch.


His mom’s couch. Svart lives at home.


David has left Miami behind. Left the Bard behind. And joined forces with Svart, a brutish nekrowarrior who only listens to, like, Celtic Frost, Destruction, and Bathory. The early stuff.


As Desekration start to record Infernö, David’s bandmates rail on about the mystic power of something they call “The Goat Song.” And what they’ll sacrifice to play it.

Death Metal Epic by Dean Swinford is Now Available

Now Available


Death Metal Epic (Book One: The Inverted Katabasis)
Dean Swinford
Paperback and Ebook (June 2013)
160 pages
$9.95 USD (paper) and $2.99 USD (digital)
ISBN: 0988348438

David Fosberg plays guitar in Valhalla. But don’t worry: this is no jukebox hero saga of his rise to fame and fortune.

Valhalla’s a death metal band. From Florida.

And the rest of the guys just quit. There’s not a lot of money in metal hymns to the Elder Gods.

If David can record another album, Plutonic Records will send him on a two week tour to promote it.

A Eurotour.

Where people like metal.