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Heck, Texas by Tex Gresham


Heck Front Cover

Heck, Texas
Tex Gresham
140 pages
ISBN: 978-1-941918-66-1
Release date: September 4, 2020

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“This is a very unruly book, in the best sense of the word, and it only coincides with the breakdown of literary standards we are witnessing now . . . [This] book will not have an easy life, but rather a long one, as the anger in it is part of the mood of our times.”—Werner Herzog, Director of Fitzcarraldo and Grizzly Man

“This book is trash.”—Joel Potrykus, Director of BuzzardThe Alchemist Cookbook, and Relaxer

Moby Dick in 21st century Texas . . . fragments—some grimly realistic, some grimly absurd, some grimly satirical, some downright disgusting—skillfully capture the essence of a trashy Texas town. Nothing at all like Winesburg, Ohio, this collage text reveals things you probably already knew but wish you didn’t. Somewhere between Eraserhead and [Linklater’s] SlackerHeck, Texas pursues the white whale of post-apocalyptic mediocrity, and Tex Gresham has just the right kind of deadpan dark humor to make the story he’s not quite telling work brilliantly. What’s it like to suffer from reality sickness? Read this book and find out.”—Stephen-Paul Martin, Author of Changing the Subject and The Ace of Lightning

Somewhere deep in East Texas, the hunt is on, fueled by self-hate, cough syrup, white whales, massive zits, freakshows, madness, dead pets, lost children, killer coffee, rats, Satan, good times, bad people, vomit, dementia, diarrhea, sex, and clowns. Your favorite brand of disease is back in stock. Welcome to Heck, Texas.

Along the Path of Torment by Chandler Morrison



Along the Path of Torment
Chandler Morrison
254 pages
ISBN: 978-1-941918-69-2
Release date: August 28th, 2020

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“Chandler Morrison is one of the most visceral and uncompromising writers of his generation . . .”
—Donald Ray Pollock, Author of The Devil All the Time

Ty Seward is a sick man. Anorexic, sexually aberrant, and haunted by a ghostly apparition residing in his closet. Living in the shadow of an in-remission cancer he fully expects to return, Ty bitterly earns his meager living by working as an assistant to his uncle, a business-and-media mogul who runs a lucrative prostitution ring catering to the Hollywood elite. When Ty’s line of work introduces him to a precocious teenage girl who seems to possess a shrewdly keen insight into his inner machinations, he is forced to confront his hidden demons and repressed trauma, embarking on a bleak and harrowing odyssey of self-discovery in the decomposing City of Angels.

Advance Praise for Along the Path of Torment

Along the Path of Torment is a brutal, stylish, and compelling book, with moments of surprising tenderness. Morrison dials up the noir and writes his characters with careful attention to what haunts them. Like a Bret Easton Ellis novel that refuses to fetishize the toxic glamor of LA and its shadow worlds, Along the Path of Torment is memorable and intriguing.”
—Lindsay Lerman, Author of I’m From Nowhere

“Chandler Morrison’s most disturbing book yet (and that’s saying something!), packed with loathsome characters, cancerous truths, and all-too-plausible Hollywood sleaze.”
—Christine Morgan, Author of Lakehouse Infernal 

Along the Path of Torment is a masterful odyssey of Hollywood decadence and depravity, an unflinching and often morbidly hilarious plunge into the void as Chandler Morrison explores the harsh truths of power in an increasingly soulless and decaying world.
—Ryan Harding, author of Genital Grinder